Resources for new and growing Christians

Below are some key resources that you could use if you are a new Christian. Many of them are also very helpful to use if you are a growing Christian (All of us!). Finally, these are helpful resources to use with a new Christian as you disciple them.

ESV Study Bible (Free!)

Reading Plans (Free!)

  • ‘Light to live by’, goes through the entire bible twice of 2 years. Read the OT chronologically and alternate between OT and NT readings.

o You can find this reading plan and other resources to go with it here:

Gospel Coalition courses (Free!)

o God’s Big Picture (Foundations) -

o Knowing the Bible series -

o Seven Arrows -

o What is the Gospel -

Capitol Hill Baptist Church Core Seminars (Free!)

Book list for young Christians (Free!)

  • This provides a series of key books that all Christians should read.

  • You can find this booklet at

Look at the book (Free!)

  • This is a great free resource to help you study the bible. Probably more suited to those who have some sort of Christian background or have been a Christian for a year.


Crucial Questions by R.C. Sproul (Free!)

Desiring God e-books (Free!)

Ligonier courses

First Steps Series (by 9 Marks)

Fundamentals of the Faith

Good book guides

“God’s Word for you” commentaries

Article by Will AitkenAugust 20, 2021