Stop wasting time, be eager for good works

Who wants their life to count? To be profitable? To not be worthless or wasted? So that you don’t look back on your life and have deep regrets?

In Titus 3:1-11, Paul lays out what is profitable and excellent for all people. He shows what will stop us from living a wasted and pointless life. In 2:14, 3:1, 3:8, 3:14 he speaks of being devoted to good works, and links this to the language of being profitable and not wasteful (3:3, 3:8, 3:9, 3:14). So, in this passage we will see how we can stop wasting our time and be eager for good works!

1. Remind yourself to be ready for good works

Read Titus 3:1-2. In verses 1-2 we are given a list of good works, and things that Paul thinks Titus should remind the people of. How can we stop wasting time, and be eager for good works? Well, remind yourself to be ready for good works. Know what they are and plan how to do them.

2. Remember the good work God has done

Read Titus 3:3-8a. Paul has just told Titus to remind the people to do these various good works in verse 1-2 and in v3-8 we see why we should do them.

“For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures.” We must be reminded to show good works and do them, because we WERE foolish, disobedient and led astray, but we should not be like this anymore. Because “the goodness and loving kindness of God our Saviour appeared, He saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness but according to his mercy” (v4-5). We were saved, not because of works, because we were like what verse 3 described and we needed saving from that helpless state. Instead we were saved according to mercy. We were made spiritually alive by the Holy Spirit. We were declared righteous by God’s grace. It wasn’t our work that saved us, it was the good work that God has done in us. Look at these verses and see what God has done to make you eager for good works.

3. Remove what is unprofitable, so you can do the good works that are profitable

Read Titus 3:8b-11. What unprofitable thoughts, actions or people do you have in your life that you need to strip away?

Stop wasting your time with what is worthless and unprofitable. Don't get to the end of your life and think “what a worthless life I lived!” Stop wasting time, you were saved to do good works, so that praise goes to OUR WORTHY GOD!

Article by Will AitkenJuly 18, 2021